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Why Choose A Fibreglass Roof?

A professionally installed fibreglass roof, also known as GRP Roofing, boasts an impressive lifespan of at least 30 years without any significant deterioration. It is crucial to ensure that the roof is laid on a dry deck under dry conditions.

The resins and top coats used should be specifically designed for GRP Roofing applications. This guide focuses on the application of the GRP laminate and top coat, ensuring a durable and long-lasting roof solution. In terms of efficiency, a typical roof measuring approximately 20 square metres can be stripped, re-decked, laminated, and top-coated by a two-person team within a single day.

It is recommended to plan the roofing project during a settled weather period for optimal results.

Flat Roof Installation Specialists

GRP flat roofing offers versatile application possibilities, suitable for various roof types and configurations. Whether it’s vertical details like mansards, dormers, sloped roofs, or parapet wall details, GRP can be seamlessly applied. In addition to its use as a roof system, GRP is also ideal for walkways and balconies, thanks to its exceptional durability.

Moreover, GRP can be utilized for water containment purposes, making it suitable for roof gardens. The seamless nature of the GRP system allows it to be used as green or brown roof gardens. Different GRP manufacturers may specify specific build-up techniques within their systems.